Herd Management

All factors optimising the general management of the herd, eg. identification of animals, herd management plans, health management, heifer rearing programmes, weaner indexes, cow efficiencies, feedlot management, efficiency figures (kg meat produced/ha, kg meat produced/mm rain).


The selection of replacement heifers by means of performance data, calculated in Herd Management as well as phenotypic evaluation.  The buying of breeding bulls, using their breeding values and phenotypic characteristics, that is needed in the particular herd.

Feeds and Rations

This includes fodderflow planning, formulating of lick programmes, flush and creep feeding, strategic production licks, rations for backgrounding calves and feedlot animals.  Balancing of rations by using the NRC standards.

Pasture Management

Factors including veld evaluation, veld improvement strategies, effective utilization of pastures, carrying capacity calculations.  Natural veld as well as planted pastures under dryland or irrigation, the establishment, fertilization and effective utilization of green feeds.  Implementing high density grazing systems.

Precision Herd Package Service

Includes herd management, reproduction, feeds, licks and rations, and pasture management.

Backgrounding and Feedlot

Calves Herd Management

All factors improving the production and effectiveness of the herd of calves, eg. identification of animals, herd health, daily gains of the calves (ADG).

Feeds and Rations

Formulating lick programmes, production licks, and rations for backgrounding as well as feedlot animals.  Balancing of rations by using NRC Standards.

Pastures and Pasture Management

The correct cultivar choice, establishment, fertilization and utilization of planted pastures under dryland or irrigation. 

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